Singing. Inclusion. Nurture. Greatness.

To ignite a love of singing and the performing arts in a collaborative and inclusive environment that fosters the personal growth and unique talents of each child.

About EnSINGnitas

EnSINGnitas is the Encinitas Educational Foundation (EEF) choir program that ignites a love of singing and the performing arts throughout the Encinitas Union School District. This program fosters the personal growth of children in a nurturing, inspiring, and inclusive environment for all of our students. Every child in every EEF choir is celebrated for their unique talents through meaningful and collaborative experiences.

What Kids and Parents are Saying about EnSINGnitas:

“The choir program provided my daughter with an invaluable opportunity to explore something new in a safe and comfortable environment. Over the course of a few months, she came out of her shell and eventually participated in improv games and volunteered to speak in front of the audience during the performance.”

“The Mission Estancia choir awoke something in my child that I didn’t know was there! Belonging to the ME choir doesn’t just expose our children to music and the arts, it plants a seed of confidence and self expression that will be invaluable later in life.”

“Choir was a place to be myself, feel happy when I’m singing, and make great friendships. I got to express my feelings through the songs we sang. My teachers were so kind and helped me through every step.”

“This experience made me think - maybe some of us will be choir teachers someday.”

“I hope to bring choir to even more kids beyond our district.”

“Choir allowed me to become friends with a lot of different people - maybe people I would have never met if I wasn’t in choir.”

“Choir helped me push my boundaries.”

EnSINGnitas is funded and supported by the Encinitas Educational Foundation (EEF). EEF is a qualified nonprofit 501(c) designated corporation. Founded in 1985, EEF’s mission is to assist in the achievement of a superior Public School education within the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD).

EEF partners with our community to raise funds and resources for enrichment programs, projects, and people that create world-ready citizens at all nine EUSD schools, including special education and farm lab.

EEF supports student learning, growth, and education through enrichment programs; during the day at each school site and with music after school with our concert band and string and honor choir program, EnSINGnitias.

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